Improving your online Business with a Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Marketing for Business

A Digital Marketing Strategy will certainly make the difference from where you are now and where you should be. Premium high ranking backlinks. Trusted by millions around the world.

Making your company website as user-friendly and Google friendly as possible

11 Elements on the SEO TO-DO LIST

Digital Marketing Strategy

A website marketing strategy will help to improve your company website online. Improving its search engine positions. There are many factors involved as you can see in the SEO To-Do list. Everything has to be just right for a digital marketing strategy to work to its full potential.

UK Web Hosting

There are many options available when it comes to web hosting. A professional web hosting account will help your business by including an SSL for your website, giving it that Google required https:// address. Some web hosts have too many websites hosted on each server, leading to slower websites.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is there to take care of your company website. Keeping your site functional, adding additional features and functionality as and when required. Another advantage of a website maintenance plan will be the peace of mind it brings knowing your website is being looked after.

Get your site moving

Online marketing is all about making your company website a success. Yes, you could have the most amazing website, way better than your competitors, but if no one see’s it, what’s it for?

This describes most websites because they are not on the first page of Google. The first page is where the buyers are, if you are not there then you need to do something about it.

A digital marketing strategy is aimed at being a benefit for your company. It’s all about getting results. The sole purpose is to increase visitors and ultimately, increase sales.

It's a bit like fishing

It really is, it’s a bit like fishing. If you cast your bait on one side of the lake, and the fish are on the other side of the lake, you won’t catch any fish, you need to attract the fish to your side of the lake, and this is what we do, we change the bait. We attract the fish, and hopefully, the fish bite.


Businesses need to look at their ROI, (return on investment). Increasing their marketing ROI. Acquiring more customers. If, for example, you choose a monthly marketing campaign it has to warrant the cost, if you believe when someone arrives at your website after a search online, they will buy from you, if you don’t believe this, then this has to be fixed. You need to be confident in the look and feel of your company website. There isn’t much point in marketing your website if people start to find you, visit your site and decide no, it’s not at all what I was expecting.

Get ahead of the competition

Webcastle online marketing icon Webcastle’s digital marketing strategy services are available to any size of business. We certainly have in place the staff and expertise to create a search engine friendly website that can be found online. Not only this, but our years of working in the website marketing business has certainly provided the knowledge to move your website from where it is now, to where it deserves to be, on the first page of Google. Once this is achieved we can work on helping you climb up the first-page ladder.

All the above is not that difficult really, it does depend, however, on what type of business you are, what the competition is like and a variety of other factors. As an example, if you intend to rise above your main competitor and their website has been building backlinks for some time, then, of course, it could take a little longer to achieve those higher positions.

Simple Things

Yes, the most simple things can really help, such as making sure your website is mobile-friendly, it’s using SSL, so your web address is https, not HTTP. A quality UK Web hosting package, all the above are simple improvements but can make a big difference. Too many unnecessary images and slow download speeds are other factors that can be easily fixed. Check out the SEO to-do list.

Pre-Marketing Process (basics)

Marketing Process

Website analysis is a simple process we use that checks what needs to be done to make your website Google friendly. This is actually done before keyword research or marketing.

Finding the right keywords before optimizing a website is certainly the difference between success and failure. Find the right keyword phrases and optimize your pages for those. Notice I said keyword phrases.


These days, people are more specific when searching. They won’t, for example, type office chair, they want exactly what they are looking for, so, leather adjustable office chair is more likely.


So if you sell leather adjustable office chairs, you should optimize for this four keyword phrase. If people search using specifics, you need to optimize for specifics. Oh, and write a whole page for each keyword phrase, this really will make a difference.

After the analysis and keyword research, it’s time to begin the website optimization process. Each and every page should really be optimized but to start with, you can get away with just your main pages first.


Get these pages optimized for the keyword phrases found in the keyword research, then beings the digital marketing strategy.

Another important feature we have to get right, web hosting. Without a good hosting plan you won’t get anywhere. Slow web hosting will have a negative effect on your quest for the first page on Google.


Also, since October 2017, Google has insisted on SSL, changing your website address from HTTP to HTTPS.

More and more people these days are searching from their mobile phones and tablets. Every website has to look good on anything with a browser or you could lose out on sales.

So after the website analysis, the keyword research and the optimizing process is complete, we can begin the marketing campaign.


A digital marketing strategy works for any type of website as long as it is fully optimized for Google. A big problem for many SEO consultants. You give them permission to market your website and after a few months, you will notice there is hardly any improvement.


This is usually down to the fact that your website has not been optimized properly, or even at all.

Link building begins, we build 80 backlinks each and every month to your website from high ranking popular websites. These site will pass on valuable SEO link juice to your website, making it a stronger contender in the quest for the first page.

What are tiered backlinks? These are back links we build to point at your original 80 back links. The 80 links point directly to your website pages. We then build what we call, tier2 back links to these, then, we build what we call tier3 backlinks to your tier2 backlinks. I hope you can follow this.

In the end, we have backlinks pointing to backlinks, which then point to your original 80 backlinks. This gives them much more power.

Tiered 2 & 3 backlinks image

A remote blog (Premium & Business Plus) will help your website as it will be related to your products and services. This blog will have links built to it every month and will have blog posts added to it on a weekly basis. All the blog posts added to this blog every month will point to your main website.

We build a social media campaign, also referred to as a social media blast using your main URL, or any URL of your choice. Basically, we have a network of social media sites that will share your post 100’s of times. This will get your business name, products and services in front of a large amount of untapped potential customers. And that’s not all, this will produce “social signals”, and the search engines love this. These are real people sharing and liking your social accounts.