Improving your online Business with a Digital Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimising & Marketing

A Digital Marketing Strategy will certainly make the difference from where you are now and where you should be. Premium high ranking backlinks. Trusted by millions around the world.

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Making your company website as user-friendly and Google friendly as possible

11 Elements on the SEO TO-DO LIST

Webcastle online marketing icon Webcastle marketing can be a real benefit to your business. It can help your business achieve its online goals, and ultimately, add value to your business. Online marketing can move a website from page 2 or 3 in Google onto page 1. Surely this is the place all business owners want to see their company website, isn’t it?

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Finally achieve the results you deserve.

The complete digital marketing strategy that has evolved over the past 20 years in online marketing. Taking care of everything from start to finish. We leave our  customers free to carry on with their everyday business needs. Knowing that all their marketing is taken care of.

Better search engine positions.

Better brand positioning.

More website visitors

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Analyse and optimize your business website. An array of marketing solutions .

Premium high authority backlinks built every month to boost your company website. Premium backlinks from popular high ranking websites.

The first step is to analyse and optimize your web pages, build the backlinks and get those backlinks found. This is certainly the key.


Then we build more backlinks to your original backlinks, and over time, this will certainly give you a bigger boost in the search engines.


Installing a related remote blog site, (Premium & Business Plus only), will give an additional power boost to your company website.

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Making great things possible

From nowhere to somewhere, all our clients see a leap in their search engine positions, so the more time we spend each month on your website, quicker the results. The sooner we begin, the sooner you will see the rewards.


Key points we start with;

tick icon Website Analysis

tick icon Web Page Optimizing

tick icon Writing Articles

tick icon Begin Backlinking

tick icon Make site Mobile Friendly

tick icon Change from HTTP to HTTPs

tick icon Indexing Backlinks

tick icon Build Tier2 & Tier3 Links


So if your website is floundering on page 2 or 3 of the search engines, let Webcastle marketing get you where you should be, page 1. It’s just a matter
of time. Stick with it and watch your rankings climb up to page1.

Get your site moving

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Webcastle marketing is all about making your company website a success. Yes, you could have the most amazing website, way better than your competitors, but if no one see’s it, what’s it for?


This describes most websites because they are not on the first page of Google. The first page is where the buyers are, if you are not there then you need to do something about it.


A digital marketing strategy is aimed at being a benefit for your company. It’s all about getting results. The sole purpose is to increase visitors and ultimately, increase sales.

It's a bit like fishing

It really is, it’s a bit like fishing. If you cast your bait on one side of the lake, and the fish are on the other side of the lake, you won’t catch any fish, you need to attract the fish to your side of the lake, and this is what we do, we change the bait. We attract the fish, and hopefully, the fish bite.


Businesses need to look at their ROI, (return on investment). Increasing their marketing ROI. Acquiring more customers. If, for example, you choose a monthly marketing campaign it has to warrant the cost, if you believe when someone arrives at your website after a search online, they will buy from you, if you don’t believe this, then this has to be fixed. You need to be confident in the look and feel of your company website. There isn’t much point in marketing your website if people start to find you, visit your site and decide no, it’s not at all what I was expecting.

We are here to help you with better digital solutions
Helping is what we do. Striving to benefit your online business. We understand your needs.
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Rapid interaction with clients

Tackling the analysing and optimizing of a website is the first stage in any online marketing campaign.

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Scientific website optimization

Optimizing is the first task in making a big difference to the improvement of your current website.

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Generating increased revenue

Link building and taking advantage of social media = Increased web traffic.

Even your Web Hosting could affect your rankings.

Web Hosting is another important element in your website marketing, you can do everything right but a less professional web hosting service can let you down. Hosting your website in your own country can actually help with your search engine positions.


Website hosting can slow a websites download speed if you are based in the UK but the servers are in Canada for example, or they could be overloaded and slow. Quality hosting can even improve on web traffic. Our hosting comes with SSL as standard as this has been a requirement since 2018.


Only a certain number of websites are allowed per server, so they don’t get clogged up and let you down. Our web hosting comes with all the features you need. All servers are updated regular and backed up every night.

It can be quite surprising how much of a difference it makes by just analysing a website. Doing this will show up any SEO errors and once these are all put right, a website can soon see a climb in the search engines. But this can be short-lived without a continual digital marketing campaign to help it along in the future.

Explore our business solutions

Specializing in the analysis of website’s, fixing any problems, optimizing and promoting. We have the complete package available to make your online business a success.

Your Website Design.

Is your web design in need of a little tweaking?

Sometimes your website design will need some minor changes, we can take care of this for you.

  Website Development.

Backend development issues fixed.

Have any development issues that need attention? We can deal with all updates & improvements.

  Going Mobile Friendly.

An important part of your website marketing.

If your website is not mobile friendly then all your marketing efforts will be in vain.

Our marketing pricing plans

Choose from our monthly pricing plans to suit you and your business. Small business standard packages to campaigns for the more established larger company.

Standard Plan

For the startups and small businesses who want to get started

Standard Plan

For the startups and small businesses who want to get started
Upgrade anytime



Per Month

Up to 3 URL's and 10 keywords

  • Web Pages Optimized
  • 80 Backlinks
  • Backlinks Indexed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Remote Blog Site - NO
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Professional Plan

Professional solution for the larger company with a bigger budget

Professional Plan

Professional solution for the larger company with a bigger budget
Upgrade/downgrade anytime



Per Month

Up to 3 URL's and 10 keywords

  • Web Pages Optimized
  • 80 Backlinks
  • Tier 2 & 3 Backlinks Indexed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Remote Blog Site tick icon
  • similar link building services faq image

Business Plus

Business plus for the website that has several product and/or service pages

Business Plus

Business plus for the website that has several product and/or service pages
Downgrade anytime

Business Plus


Per Month

Up to 6 URL's and 20 keywords

  • Web Pages Optimized
  • 160 Backlinks
  • Tier 2 & 3 Backlinks Indexed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Remote Blog Site tick icon
  • a faqs image for more link building services questions

Webcastle online marketing icon Webcastle’s digital marketing strategy services are available to any size of business. We have in place the staff and expertise to take over your website and create a search engine friendly website that can be found online. Not only this, but our years of working in the website marketing business has also certainly provided the knowledge to move your website from where it is now, to where it deserves to be, on the first page of Google. Once this is achieved we can work on helping you climb up the first-page ladder.


All the above is not that difficult really, it does depend, however, on what type of business you are, what the competition is like and a variety of other factors. As an example, if you intend to rise above your main competitor and their website has been building backlinks for some time, then, of course, it could take a little longer to achieve those higher positions.


But simple things can help, such as making sure your website is mobile-friendly, make sure it’s using SSL, so your web address is https, not HTTP. Too many unnecessary images and slow download speeds are other factors that can be easily fixed. Check out the SEO to-do list