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Digital marketing takes many forms but ultimately, its all about website ranking. Getting your website ranked on the search engines for the products and services you sell online.

All this comes under the umbrella of SEO. SEO (search engine optimizing) is what we are all familiar with and have been for many years. It’s the process of getting a website listed high in the search engines using all the tools and skills that have been developed over the years to get the job done.

Digital marketing is something most businesses would consider, and many have given it a try. The problem is, a lot of these have been disappointing to say the least.

We ourselves have been quite shocked at some of the work agencies have done for businesses. Building the wrong type of backlinks, not optimizing the website properly, or even at all.

SEO can be very rewarding if done the right way. Its really not that difficult to get it right, yes its time-consuming and relies on a number of years of knowledge in SEO.

It’s also shocking to see how many websites still haven’t changed over to SSL. Their website address still shows as http://www, instead of the compulsory https://www.

Something else we are still seeing. Websites not working correctly on mobiles and tablets. This is not too difficult to get right but again it seems to be neglected. I think the problem is, website owners either don’t know or they are not being told how important this is.