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Entrepreneurs are usually people with a good business sense. They will have an idea and set out to put it into practice. An entrepreneur will go with their business idea until it’s achieved and successful. Once the business is up and running, they often seem to want to sell it on. I believe they probably get bored once the business is a success, and they want to move on to their next project.

An entrepreneur is someone, I believe, who enjoys the cut and thrust of setting up the business, they thrive in the challenge. The fun is in the chase, once conquered they can lose interest as their head is always full of new business ideas. Entrepreneurs are a great asset to any country, without them, where would we be. Really, an entrepreneur will continue to have new business ideas and go with that idea and see it through to fruition.

Great Entrepreneurs

One great entrepreneur is the world-famous, J.K. Rowling. A writer who found the inspiration for the Harry Potter series of books and films. They say it came to her while on a train. Another famous name everyone should know is Steve Jobs. He was so poor in his early college years that he would rely on free meals. The local Hare Krishna was known to have given him free meals. He also used to collect pop bottles and take them back to the shops for some change. Steve Jobs went on to form the Apple computer company. Take inspiration here, what an amazing rise to the top.