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SEO Marketing, getting websites listed higher up the search engines. Nearly all websites need some kind of SEO as part of their quest for online success. Probably using backlinks. The problem with backlinks is, they’re not all equal. Any backlink will not do. You could have a thousand backlinks and get nowhere, or even drop in the rankings. Why? Because the backlinks are of poor quality and/or spammy.


Backlinks: A good do-follow backlink is gold, and this is what Webcastle build every month. There are two types of backlink, Do-follow and no-follow. A do-follow will pass on the all-important SEO juice to the website it is linking to. A no-follow backlink won’t pass any SEO juice, however, no-follow links are required. When building backlinks it’s important to do it naturally and manually. Showing a good sprinkling of natural backlinks pointing to your site. Never use the same anchor text for every link, it doesn’t look natural.


Anchor Text: Anchor text is the keywords you want to be found for. But imagine having the same anchor text for every backlink, it would look very strange. I know Google would spot this a mile off. Mixing them up is the key. Use different anchor text for your links, use do-follow and no-follow. If your website was all about office chairs, this is all you sold, you are an office chair specialist. I know, you would want all your anchor text keywords to be; “office chairs”. You need to think, what other keywords could I use, try adjustable office chairs, leather office chairs, quality chairs for the office, just think about it. Build a page all about adjustable office chairs, the page URL would be: www.blah.cOm/adjustableofficechairs/. Another page www.blah.cOm/leatherofficechairs/. I think you get it. Also, make sure these pages are optimized for those search terms.