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A startup business will always find it hard in the new world of doing business. Remember one thing, every successful business was where you are now. They are now successful so believe in yourself and be a success in your own right. Getting your business running from scratch can be quite daunting but millions have done it before and have become household names. So don’t despair, you can do it. It’s like I say time and time again, stick with it. Whatever your business is, there are already so many doing it already, you just have to do it better.


Unique Selling Point: Ever heard of USP? This is your unique selling point. Every business should have one and the biggest businesses certainly have. Your USP could be as simple as cheaper than everyone else. Or, maybe you have a particular skill that your competitors don’t have, now this really is a USP. Presuming you have one, make sure you shout about it, try to find the budget for marketing, whether its newspapers, magazines or search engine marketing, get your message out there.


It’s hard for startups but there is plenty of free online help and advice. Do yourself a massive favour, join a forum specialising in your business, don’t forget those Facebook groups too. Also, join one of those business forums, try to add a few posts now and then, you can add your signature so everyone can see your link. This is a great way to get people to see who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have a problem with something related to your business, just ask on one of these forums. The chances are, someone has already come across this and will only be too willing to help you with free advice.


A startup business is an exciting new venture and can change your life forever, and, for the better. One thing some startups underestimate, is the time it consumes. You need to do your job during the day, and your accounts at night or at the weekend. And don’t forget, the weekend is when the garden needs doing and the shopping. Just have a good think before you start but all the best in your new venture.



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