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Web Analytics and what are they? It could be used for the collection, analysing and reporting of web data to help to understand web usage. How do we use web analytics? Analysing a website to see if there are any SEO errors, then fix them. Without analytics, this wouldn’t be possible.

Web Analytics: Make A Strategy.
If you’re trying to build website traffic to a website, then analytics is your friend. If you’re running a pay-per-click marketing campaign, it’s important to track your clicks and where they originate from on a regular basis. Small adjustments can easily result in a big difference in your success. Ultimately, you’ll need to check your stats either daily, once a week and monthly according to your very own site objectives.


When you’ve chosen which is the most important data to track routinely, list a daily, once a week as well as a month-to-month to-do list. Make that plan and stay with it. And, possibly, you’ll find an increasingly more effective website. Analytics are useful in many ways, not just for websites, but this is what we are interested in. Analytics can show up all sorts of useful information to help you. With analytics, a website can grow beyond what you ever thought as the information you can get from these could be considered priceless. So analytics are useful for tracking a pay per click campaign. They are also a must for websites as you can analyse a website so it can be perfectly optimized.