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Website Design Ideas

If you are a good web designer then website design ideas for a new project should be in abundance. The ideas should be flowing out of you enabling you to produce just what the customer wants within their agreed budget. Sometimes, however, the customer knows exactly what they want and often insist you have to build the website to their exact instructions. This is not always the best option and it’s up to you, the web designer to offer advice. When offering advice, do explain why you believe your idea is better than theirs.

One thing to remember about design ideas, you can have too many and get confused. Another failure is you make the website too impressive and slow it down. This often happens and can certainly affect the SEO of the website. This is another element you have to be aware of being a web designer, SEO. The problem here is, most web designers are not too familiar with how SEO works. When we build a website, we build it with SEO in our minds. Once the site is built, it is usually search engine friendly and ready for a digital marketing strategy campaign. If that’s what the customer wants of course.