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Website Ranking

Ranking a website is where a website is optimized for the chosen keywords with the ultimate goal of getting high listings in the search engines. This falls under the umbrella of SEO. Website ranking is important for any business, especially if they want to get as near to the top of the first page in the search engines, and of course, everyone does. If your company website doesn’t enjoy the benefits of getting their website ranked, then attracting online clients will be difficult. The only other way of gaining new website visitors would be with a pay per click campaign, such as Google Ads or similar. These can cost you more in the long run and don’t forget, when you stop your website will disappear.


The SEO Campaign
Starting with any SEO campaign will be a great step forward for any business. You can always add a pay per click campaign for an immediate top listing, but keep the SEO going. You should eventually get to the point where you no longer need the pay per click. With a good SEO campaign, your website should steadily rise up the organic results to a point when you can stop your pay per click. Getting your website noticed starts with optimizing for the right keywords, these are discovered in keyword research. Then building regular monthly backlinks to your site. Adding to this some tier2 and tier3 backlinks, and your website will soon begin its rise to the top. How long will it take? How long is a piece of string? Seriously, it does depend on how competitive your site is, and what the competition is like. Also, how long have your competitors been using website ranking techniques on their websites? Whatever the competition, there is still room for you to overtake them, its just a matter of time.



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What is a Keyword in SEO

People ask, what is a keyword in SEO? A keyword, or key phrase in SEO means the word, or words you want to be found for in Google or other search engines. The words people search for and your website comes up in the results. It’s the way people can find your company website. Get […]...
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Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword Cannibalism Go to Google and type in: “keyword”, you will see if any of your websites pages are using the same keywords. If they are, you need to deal with this immediately and re-optimize. What is Keyword Cannibilization? Keyword cannibalization is when you have optimize...
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Writing Articles

Writing Articles Writing articles for SEO is a skill not everyone has, and that includes me. Writing articles is essential for a good blog post. A good article about a particular subject can cause your readers to want more, or click through to your company website.   There many places online wh...