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Marketing Analysis. A marketing strategy for any business?

Firstly, after we analyse your website, we need to look at fixing any errors before attempting your website marketing campaign.

1. Planned search engine positions

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, you want/need

to be around the top of Google.

2. Professional site management

Combine your website marketing with our website management solutions to keep your website updated

Marketing analysis will show up any errors, so we can get to work fixing them. Without analysis there is no real way of knowing how search engine friendly your website actually is. Considering a digital marketing strategy without analysis would be pointless and a complete waste or time and your budget.


A full website marketing campaign will help in acquiring new business leads for generating new customers & visitor footfalls. Marketing with a search engine friendly, and user-friendly website is essential to your online business. Success can be closer than you think. Check out our SEO To-Do List.

A risk free business analysis

Strategic thinking

There are many variations of website marketing online but choosing the right one is key.

Target acquisition

Targeting the right keywords is an important element of any website marketing campaign.

Multiple linking

Building backlinks, getting them indexed by Google, then building more backlinks to them.

Backlinks Premium

Backlinks to backlinks gives the original links more power. We build hundreds of social backlinks.

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So what does analysis tell us?

An analysis report will show up all website errors. Plus it will also show your current SEO score out of a hundred. The errors revealed will include your sites load time, both on desk top and mobile.


It will check your title tags and meta descriptions. Many websites actually have duplicate titles and meta descriptions on several pages and you may not even know. These will certainly reduce your SEO capabilities.


Analysis will also show up any wrongly place Heading Tags. You should only have one H1 tag and lower tags for the rest of your subheadings.

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