Episode 3 of our new series, What’s Poppin’ In Design! Boy do I have some interesting design news to bring you today.

From Photoshop’s mind-blowing new neural filters to Dribbble’s controversial redesign, the design world has been anything but stagnant lately (so exciting!).

00:00 Intro
00:18 Dribbble Redesign
2:00 Draw logos from memory
3:30 ClipDrop
4:23 Photoshop update
6:58 Vowel

Dribbble: https://bit.ly/3mN9TA0
Draw logos from memory experiment: https://bit.ly/35V8XTe
ClipDrop (AR copy paste): https://bit.ly/2JwLr7B
New Photoshop update: https://bit.ly/383aOYL
Vowel: https://bit.ly/35WnuOG

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