Today, I’m bringing you the top 5 most mind-blowing websites of August 2020. These are truly imaginative and embody the meaning of the word “unique”.

These websites may not be the most functional or conversion-oriented but I personally love exploring crazy experimental websites as there’s always a chance of extracting a small nugget of inspiration and implementing it into one of your functional projects and having it work+stand out!

It’s important not to be closed-minded to more inventive web design as you can miss out on your own growth. These innovative web designs are what move the dial forward in the world of web design and keep things spicy, exciting and evolving.

So, enjoy this month’s roundup and hopefully, you extract a cool interaction, layout or color that you can effectively use in one of your projects and create something UNIQUE (leading to happy clients).

What’s your favourite website for this roundup?

00:00 Intro
0:45 At Home Club
3:35 Fuse Blog
5:44 Markus
9:40 Hoang Nguyen
11:55 Mav Farm

Websites mentioned:

Hoang Nguyen

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