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A website check to see how Search Engine friendly your website is.
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Free Website Checker Service

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Is your website search engine friendly? Use our free website check.

To have a good online presence you must have a search engine friendly website.

Using our FREE website check below, anything that needs attention will be visible to you. Using this will certainly give you food for thought.

Enter your details below, please allow up to 72 hours for your results. Please note: You will not receive a report without a legitimate business email address.
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Our website check will allow you to see just what needs to be done before you can even consider any kind of digital marketing strategy.


If you want to get straight into your website marketing campaign, don’t worry. You simply choose your plan below, and we will process your web check for you and work on fixing any errors we come across.

Using this service will allow us to make sure your website is search engine friendly. Once this is completed we can get on with optimizing and begin the process of link building.

Building backlinks is the first stage after a website check and optimizing. After the first months backlinks are complete, we begin to build your tier2 and tier3 links. While we are doing this, your next months tier1 links are being built. Keeping the process ongoing and overlapping to insure a better success rate.