Website Marketing for 2021

Top 10 SEO Tools For SEO

Website marketing for 2021, hints and tips plus a few tools that can help you along the way.

Marketing a website with all types of search engine marketing techniques can be quite complicated if you do not have the right tools to do the job. That is why many internet marketers prefer to invest in affordable search engine optimization software which they can use to run all the projects with ease. Here is a short list of affordable SEO software that you can use to start your online marketing campaign with a bang. Need website marketing for 2021? Check out these tools below.


1. Ninja Tools – Ninja Tools is certainly the most popular tool for SEO professionals. You can find the latest updates for it in Ninja Tools website, but basically Ninja Tools provides SEO solutions like keyword research, finding long tail keywords, analyzing competitor websites, link building tools, and also provides analysis tools for website visibility.


2. Traffic Travis – This SEO tool provides automated services for analyzing, reporting, evaluating and controlling the overall website visibility.


3. HubPages Marktag – HubPages Marktag is definately one of the affordable search engine optimization software that provides advanced link building solutions.


4. WebPosition – WebPosition is a very new tool to assist in website submission. It is really expensive, but when it’s ready, you will be glad you invested in it. This tool provides simple and easy to use options for all tasks.


5. Traffic Travis – This advanced SEO tool for WordPress provides links construction, web directory submission, forum posting, and blog commenting. Certainly worth a look.


6. Web CEO – Web CEO is one of the most popular website content management system and SEO tool that delivers the same services. You can find the latest reviews about this product at WebCEO review website.


7. Keyword SpyGlass – This tool provides the option to perform targeted research and generate keyword lists based on keyword and phrase research. It certainly gives you the chance to analyze website performance data, track search engine submissions, and optimize webpage tags and contents.


8. Rank Checker – This tool provides you with the ability to verify the ranking of an unranked webpage in the search engines. Essential for website marketing for 2021.


9. Link Hero – This tool is easy to use because it provides a very simple and easy interface to perform a site analysis. It also enables the users to perform social bookmarking, submit to directories and tag images.


10. Seo Elite – This is a fully automatic tool that works very fast and also provides the option to perform dynamic SEO.

These tools provide easy installation and removal.

SEO Question And Answer

What are keywords?
The use of keywords is very important when marketing a website. However, it is necessary to know which keywords to use in each situation. Keywords are the words or phrases that search engines use to find web pages to list in their results.

The idea is to provide your website with broad keywords that match what people search for and avoid narrow keywords that are not applicable to your website. There are several tools available, like Keyword Spy or Google Analytics that can help you choose the right keywords.


What are long tail keywords?
When you search for something on the search engines, there is usually a set of keywords that your potential customers use to narrow down their search.


There’s also the common factor that your potential customers need to find the information they are looking for.


The long tail keywords are keywords that people use more than the set of keywords that people use to search for your company. If you sell, for example, “dog food”, you would probably use the long tail keyword; “low cost dog food supplies”.


What is anchortext?
This is the text that is used on a website to link to another website. There are two different types of anchortext. For example – if you link to a website that sells dog food you should have an anchor text link that reads “dogfood”, although, a better chance of success would be a long tail keyword, see above.


What are LSI keywords?
LSI stands for Latent Semantic Index. The concept behind the acronym is to identify the type of topic associated with a word, which is more probable associated with a topic than any other words.


Google will look for these words on your site to get a better understanding of your page, so if you were selling coffee, other words on your page might be “water”, “milk”, “grind”, “filter” or “beans” for example.


What is keyword research?
Keyword research is a collection of methods and tools to find, research and select the best keywords for your website. It is very important because it is one of the factors that Google gives in determining website popularity.


When a user searches for a keyword, it is based on what his/her intent was and if you meet the intent, you are automatically given a high rank in Google search. It is not a matter of if you will get a high rank but by how much. Understanding all the above will help to get you the results in website marketing for 2021.

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SEO Link Building - How to Build Good Links

How to start marketing a website with search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is nothing but an expansion of the work that you are already doing for your site when it comes to search engine optimization.


Search engine marketing can be very useful in doing your job of SEO and also providing you with more tools and tips and means to maximize the return on your search engine marketing investment.


This can become very beneficial when you consider the fact that it will often take a long time to get the results you are after in your SEO work. While you may want to spend some money on search engine optimization, you are at any rate wasting your time if you expect to get long lasting results.


1. You need to concentrate on SEO and other methods of optimizing your site in search engines.


2. You need to be aware of the techniques that search engines use in searching sites. They use a number of different ways to get to the pages of your site. One of them is link building.


3. These days, search engines are beginning to look more for domain age, internal link popularity and quality of links.


4. Search engines do not yet seem to be that interested in the number of pages that you have on your site. They seem to be focussing more on the quality of links to your site.


5. These days, it seems that it matters more who links to you and the links that you have. It seems that if you have links that are relevant to your site, then your links will be more important.


6. Another thing that search engines seem to be keen on is the quality of incoming links. It seems to take more links that are of a high quality to increase your ranking.


7. Today, they seem to be less concerned about keywords in your link building campaigns.


So, to be effective and to get the top positions in search engines, you need to concentrate on building your links in a certain way. What this means in simple terms is that you need to get a lot of inbound links that are of a high quality.


Don’t worry if you are having some problems getting good links. Link building is a long and slow process. If you want to get started with website marketing for 2021, you need to get started today. You will see that the top search engines are not too concerned about your ranking immediately. What they are focusing on is the quality of the links that you have.

So, if you can do this, then you will achieve success in your link building campaign.

Videos for Website Marketing for 2021

Marketing using video. What is video marketing and does video marketing really work? Are videos really an effective and inexpensive way to attract people to my business. These are just a few of the many questions that you might ask yourself when you watch the videos of your business competitors.


The answer to these questions is simple, because videos work, and video marketing  works. In fact, some say, it is the only form of marketing that is truly successful.

Videos are the most powerful form of sales message because they are more personal and allow the prospect to actually see and hear you. This unique relationship creates a trust and confidence that allows the prospect to then begin to trust you and want to be associated with you.


Once you develop this trust, your sales conversion will increase. Sales conversion is a marketing term that measures the relationship between the prospect and the relationship. So as long as you are using the right type of video and making the right type of videos, your sales conversion can and will increase.


Videos are the only form of marketing that can offer you the ability to personalize the sales page. This is a big plus because most people do not like to personalize their email, web pages, or sales letters. Using a video allows you to personalize the pages you are sending to the prospect and allows you to relate to the prospect better. Videos allow you to be more honest and are the only form of online marketing that allows you to be more real. This means that the prospect can see and hear your sincerity which allows them to connect with you and become a customer.


There are three types of video that you should use when trying to sell. These are a sales video, testimonial video, and how to video.

1. A sales video is what most people think of when they think of marketing with videos. This is a video that talks about why you have made the product you are selling. This video is the best way to sell new products because it shows the prospect how the product works and why they should buy it.


2. A testimonial video shows the prospect who you are and what you did. This video is a good way to get testimonials for products that require it.


3. A how to video should be short and simple to understand. If the video is too long the prospect will lose interest. Try to keep your videos between 3 and 5 minutes. Video marketing is all about having fun and keeping the prospect interested.


Video marketing is simple. All you need to do is grab a video camera and shoot something. After that, just edit the video and upload it to the internet. The best videos are some kind of footage of you demonstrating the product. That way, the prospect can see you are a real person and not just a name. Remember that the video is a relationship building tool and it shows you as the “expert”.


There is an easy way to create an entire presentation from the video using PowerPoint.


1. Start with the video and make a slide show of the main ideas.


2. Next, open PowerPoint and use the picture to text feature to add more text to the slides.


3. Use the fill feature to create “drop-down boxes” which are more boxes that contain the text of the slides. The text box will also contain more pictures of the drop-down boxes, which you can then use to re-arrange the slide show. The pictures can be inserted with the “insert picture” button, or you can just drag them in.


4. Use the video to make other PowerPoint slides, and make sure they match the content of the video. Match the content of the slides to the video. I personally find it easier to use the picture and text functions to add text and pictures.


You can also drag pictures in, but the ones included with the video are sufficient. Also, make sure the videos are aligned with the verticals of the slide show. If they aren’t, you will have gaps between slides.


5. Once the slides are complete and aligned with the video, use the text function to insert paragraphs of text to fill in the gaps. Don’t worry about aligning the whole slide with the video. You are just using picture to add text and paragraphs of text.


Now you can actually save the PowerPoint presentation. You will be able to specify the video and the pictures to save the presentation. Then, the “save” button will allow you to specify the name of the presentation. You can also fill in the title, description and keywords to describe the presentation.


Remember to also use keyword stuffed documents, YouTube videos and social media websites to promote the presentation.


Important – Make sure the presentation is a webcast! The webcast is the presentation you want to show to your audience from a web browser. You can do a live demo or even a screencast. Most of the time you will want to show live webcast and select specific slides from the presentation.


Video sales letters are just another way to promote your online business because these can be very easy to take in. Do a video for each product, service, etc. to get traffic back to your website. You can use the video to introduce your business, introduce your product or service, show your process or process improvement, and show testimonials from satisfied customers.


Do a video from a conference or training course if possible. The possibilities are endless.

Just make sure the content is clear and concise. You are trying to sell a certain product or service, not promote your self. Need help with website marketing for 2021? Visit

Importance of SEO

Optimizing a wordpress website, wordpress search engine optimizing. Do you know why search engines have an upper limit to the number of results they will give you when you search for a particular phrase? If you do not know, I’ll tell you.


If you search for “weight loss pills” on Google, you get 1,080,000,000 results, if you search for “weight loss pills ingredients” you get 5,560 results, you search for “body weight loss” you get 6,800 results. What a success! And that’s a success when you have a lot of data.


It’s a failure when you have a lesser amount of data. So, how come search engines have an upper limit? If it were as simple as 1. Result ranking is determined by the number of results, no website would be rank very high. And 2. Result ranking is determined by the average of the number of results.


There would be too much data and the results would not be representative of the subject. Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Ask, have figured out that the best way to rank websites is to look at the data and determine what is the true content of the websites.


What they have done is allow users to submit information, but they hold the copyright. That being said, their algorithms are based on the data of the links to the website.


And then they look at the data. And by looking at the data, they determine if the links are being submitted by people who are human or automated. And the fact that you do not have the right attitude will prevent you from being ranked as highly as you should be.


Google has put their copyright on the page rank, but their copyright should be on the content of the website. So if you have your website ranked properly, you should not have to pay much.


The reason why you should be ranked highly is because you should have good, relevant, and useful content. If your content is not relevant and helpful to the user, you will be ranked less high.


That means your content should also be a good example of good Web SEO. So you need to provide your customers with great content.


The content that you provide is not a small content but a relevant and useful content. And to provide a relevant and useful content, you need to have a great keyword research tool.


Keyword research tool is actually a small SEO tool. Because it tells you what keywords your competitors are targeting and many other things that you need to do to get a high page rank.


So if you have a high page rank, you should also have a high traffic volume and also a high conversion rate. And if you have a higher conversion rate and a higher traffic volume, it will mean that your website should be trusted by many people. And you will get a lot of customers.


So if you have a great keyword research tool, and your website has a good SEO, your website should receive a high page rank and high traffic volume. This is what it means to have a great page rank.


If you need help with marketing your website, visit Webcastle Marketing for a marketing campaign that gets results.