What are Marketing Strategies

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So what is Digital Marketing?

Marketing strategies encompass all areas of online marketing. It’s all about getting websites listed on the first page of Google using everything at your disposal. From using backlinking techniques to social media marketing. Some techniques definitely work better on some sites than others. But we have discovered, and have been using our own kind of technique that works for any type of website, no matter how competitive. From startups to the more established business.

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Plan Execution

Its taken years but now we have a system we use on all websites. We look at the eleven first elements to complete before marketing begins.

All eleven elements have to be analysed and fixed

Such as; is it search engine friendly? Is it mobile friendly?

Others include; Is it slow? Is it interesting?

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Free website analysis

Website analysis is the first step in a digital marketing strategy. Analysing a website will show all the SEO errors and what needs to be fixed.

Keyword Research

Researching the correct keywords that people would type into a search engine to find your website.


Once the keywords have been decided on, the next step is to put these keywords into the pages that are going to be marketed.

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Link Building Strategies

Created from top rated website’s. A backlink is built back to your website, then these links are indexed by Google. Once these are indexed, a percentage benefit from second tier and third tier backlinks from a variety of sources, from web2 site’s to social networks.

The key is second tier back links.

Recently introduced. Tier 3 backlinks.

Tier 3. Building links to your second tier links. See the power?

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Good Bad & Ugly

There are millions of websites that you can get a link back to your site. Sadly, you wouldn’t want most of these linking back to you. More harm than good.


If a website is of poor quality, maybe a spammy site or very low ranking, all this will do is remove any credibility you may have built up with the search engines.


Getting the right kind of backlinks is essential for improving any website positions online. The best backlinks are thematic, similar to your site but these are extremely difficult to achieve. These links are certainly very powerful.


The next best are the high authority, high ranking and popular backlinks. These are the ones we use every month. These sites are considered to have a high domain authority and a link here is very powerful. Definately improve rankings.


Getting access to these sites has taken years to achieve and now we can share these with our customers, giving them an edge over their competition.

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A digital marketing strategy is also known as website marketing, Internet marketing, SEO, online marketing or search engine optimization, but it  all amounts to the same thing, marketing your company website online to get the best results.


Marketing a website is done in several stages, starting with analysing the website to find any SEO errors and fixing them. Then deciding which pages need optimizing and choosing the right keywords for the marketing campaign. Once this is all complete we can build your premium backlinks.


Depending on which digital marketing strategy you choose, we can build your remote blog. Once all the backlinks for the month are completed, we will start the process of tier2 and tier3 social syndication.

This process is reserved for our premium and business plus accounts only.